What are the best vacuums for pet hair

As far as we all know there's no vacuum known as the Golden Retriever Fur Reliever, but there are a
lot of vacuums for pet hair which produce fuzzy claims and utilize "pet" in the version name. Can they work?

Well, some are competent vacuums overall, but others are good at pet-hair pickup and little else. To
examine these claims, CR devised an extremely demanding pet-hair test.

We take long, feathery fur from Maine coon cats and strew, stomp, and crush it into medium-pile
carpeting. Then we create numerous passes with the test vacuum to see how much of their hair that it
picks up. Vacuums that score Outstanding on this test keep the fur from flying. Average vacs leave
behind observable fur or stains becomes tangled in the brush. Here are a Few of the champs in our


Canisters. The Miele Complete C3 Marin makes no pet-hair asserts but edged out the Kenmore Elite Pet
Friendly CrossOver 21814.

Stick vacuums. Each Shark and Dyson in our tests got excellent marks for mild pet hair.


Pet Peeve
Our testers have another tip for pet owners: Think about a bagged vacuum on a bagless model, since
each time you empty a bagless bin, pet hairs go flying. For more choices see our full vacuum ratings
and recommendations.

Cats and dogs are the most amazing companions and never fail to bring us owners pleasure.

However much people love them however, it is a fact of being a pet owner that cleaning their own hair
-- if its own trodden into the carpet, embedded on your furniture or stuck to your hardwood floors --
takes up valuable time and energy.

If you want to keep a clean home then routine vacuuming is a absolute must when you've got pets. And
your greatest weapon is undoubtedly the ideal professional pet vacuum you'll be able to afford, to
perform all the heavy-lifting of hair removal for you.

And that's why we've assembled this specific guide for finding the best vacuum for pet hair.

Bid farewell to the days of pushing your ailing model over precisely the exact same spot over and
over by treating yourself and investing in a high-quality pet hair vacuum.

This buying guide will take you through whatever you should consider when searching out the right
vacuum for your own needs, while giving you an comprehensive look at our favorite models available on
the industry right now.

Specializing in buying hints and advice for vertical, handheld and canister vacuums especially made
for homes with pets​. Our hope would be to guide you toward making the best purchasing decision

Finest at any price: Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy
Finest canister version: Electrolux UltraFlex Canister Vacuum


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